Monday, September 18, 2017

Open Art at LSS starts this week!

My grandnephew, Vinnie, drew this to display
in the art room!
Open Art starts this week! What is Open Art, you ask?
Open Art is a time that the art room is open to students before school. They can continue projects they began in art or begin a new, self-directed project. This time allows for more one-on-one with me as well as a quieter workspace.

I began this program over 10 years ago when I observed the stress level of many students who felt they were rushed in their art making. After all, we do not all work at the same pace ... especially in a creative activity. Time must be allowed so that ideas can flow and execution can unfold.

So, the nuts & bolts of the program are this:

Students may come into the art room from 8am - 8:25am beginning Tuesday, September 19th. Each grade level has a day: Tuesday for grade 5, Wednesday for grade 4 and Thursday for grade 3. Friday is a day I reserve to invite students in so that I can work with them and Monday is a day that I do not have Open Art.

Feel free to be in touch if you need more info!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Follow LSS Art on Instagram!

LSS Art Instgram profile page

I have been using Instagram for years now - I love the ease and the instant connection through images. Oftentimes at school, I will see something inspiring (like the way paint looks as it's drying on a board or going down the sink) and I will snap a quick picture of it, then post it on my personal Instagram. I share these images with my students as I find myself submerged in the creative process of seeing and capturing.

Recently I met up with a few art teacher friends and they shared with me that they use Instagram as a tool to share what's happening in the art room! Hence, the inspiration for the LSS Visual Art Instagram account. This tool will be used to share examples of work in progress, completed work, inspiring paint spills, displays of art. I will post multiple images throughout the week to share what we're doing in art.

Follow LSS Art on Instagram: lssvisualart

Monday, September 4, 2017

"You are a story waiting to be told"

Check out this display board outside of the library!

We all have a story. Well, actually, we all have many stories - every day. The stories we choose to tell each other show the parts of ourself that we value, that we want to share. Our stories define us in ways that nothing else can.

What is your story? How will you tell it? 

That is the theme of the project based learning the Unified Arts team will be exploring this year with grade 5 students. This exciting project filled with growth and discovery will span most of the school year; and will be shared at our open house event in May. Your children may share ideas and questions as they begin to navigate this process and begin designing the stories they choose to tell!

Look for information on this project on this blog or through LSS updates!

The Forest
from Letting in the Light by Kenneth Steven

Let there be days
you are no longer all the things you have to be
but just the child inside, waiting
there at the edge of the forest.

You walk, as though into your own first book of stories,
and behind you the dark closes like a door.
You stand, small, in a woollen blanket of silence
that is not silence at all.

Somewhere the soft movement of water
the dust dancing in a scattering light;
more unknown than ever will be known,
and the thrill of that beginning in your heart.

Make no mistake: this is once upon a time –
you are a story waiting to be told.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hooray for School!!

It's time to get back to Lincoln Street School!  I am so excited to be seeing all my students again 
and to be meeting new students, too! As much as I enjoy summer, I really look forward to getting back into the art room to share ideas and stories with everyone here. 

One thing I do before school starts is to design a few bulletin boards in the hallways.  This is one that I created for the opening of school :)  I love how the quilt represents our LSS community: a beautiful and complex whole created from many parts.  That's who we are! Beautiful as we come together!  

Welcome back to another great year! Hooray for school!! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thank you to EHS Seniors!

What fun we had yesterday at LSS during Senior Service Day! We hosted 30+ Exeter High School seniors who came to LSS to complete a morning of service.  Their tasks were many and varied: sort books, weed gardens, plant gardens, take down bulletin boards, create and hang displays, assist LSS students. I had a fantastic group of young men & women who were open to help in any way.  And though I appreciate having the help with the many tasks I have piling up in the art room, what I really enjoy is watching the EHS students interact with our LSS students. During the first class of the day, a 3rd grade boy asked an EHS student if he played basketball.  The conversation that followed was amazing. They talked about their shared love of the game and the techniques they use.  They smiled and laughed together.  During the final class of the morning, a 4th grade student needed help with her strike-out poetry project.  An EHS senior stepped right in and said, "I think of what story the page is trying to tell and then I just bring that story out." Wow ... I don't think I could have said it any better!

Thank you to all the students who came and played 4-Square, made tessellations & strike-out poems, played music and became part of our LSS culture for the day! We love having you back :) 
Happy graduation week! 

Stephen & Ryan showing + & - space
Margee & Emerson showing + & - space

Monday, May 8, 2017

Learning from the Masters: Drawing Challenge

James Aponovich's "Still Life with Parrot Tulip" by Nikki (4 Poly)
Drawing can be challenging - whether you are looking at a picture of something or you are looking at something in real life. Grade 4 students are working through their challenges as they re-create famous paintings. This project begins with the drawing: the breaking down of a painting into lines, shapes and details. We all do this in different ways. Some of us simplify and see the painting as abstract lines. Others must record every detail with great patience. I have been hosting a group of these students during open art and recess times - admiring their perseverance and skill!

Please come see all the paintings by LSS 4th graders on Integrated Arts Night next Thursday (May 18th). And, always, the LSS hallway gallery is open to you to view at any time - just sign in at the front office and enjoy the show :)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Integrated Arts Night " at LSS

Integrated Arts Night is May 18th this year!  This is the night that students display a piece of writing with the piece of artwork that inspired the writing. The school is filled with incredible paintings, drawings and sculpture.  Visiting artists display their work in the library.  Dancing and general merriment can be found throughout the school!  It's a great celebration of all the arts and how they influence and inform one another.  I love this night and all the fun it brings.

One of the challenges of Integrated Arts Night is saving the artwork from the entire school year to pass on to the classroom teachers so that students can chose a piece to write to.  That leaves an entire school year with no artwork coming home until the end.  Some wonder if we even make art here because no work comes home all year.  That's hard on the students, especially when they make a piece of art that they are excited to share.  Please assure your student (as I do) that their work is safe and will be available to go home soon!